Welcome To Exigo 2.0

Over the past ten years, in an effort to expand our customer base, we have merged with some great IT firms.   We are excited to see that those companies are still utilizing some of our best practices and we continue to work together as valued partners.   In September of 2017, we made a decision along with our partner VSS to unmerge and restart Exigo as a premier MSP and Microsoft partner.

The decision was not an easy one, but one that we all felt was the right decision at the right time to help both companies continue to focus on primary technology offerings.

The industry is rapidly changing and IT firms that do not change will find themselves struggling in 2018 and beyond.  No one is safe from the changes in how we communicate, transact, and work in the massive eco-system called the Internet.   Business has to take a second look at how they operate  and prepare themselves for the next ten years through technology enhancements.   Our vision for Exigo 2.0 is to help our customers transition to modern IT.  What is Modern IT?  I will save that for another blog post.

We are appreciative of what each partner did for our staff, customers, and owners, and what they continue to do today.  We are especially grateful for our customers who have been with us through the changes and we look forward to the future with all of you!

Carlo MacDonald