Hosted Phone Solutions

Exigo Technology Services has partnered with best of breed VOIP phone providers to offer our small and midsize customers easy to install, configure, and operate phone solutions. The days of just having a handset on your desk as your #1 way to talk to a coworker or customer is over. Users are connecting via smartphones, Instant Messaging, Ipads, laptops, and the list goes on and continues to grow.

Give your company a global presence with virtual phone numbers, digital trunks, and more. Let Exigo help show you how to use today’s phone technology and move away from the old mindset that traditional telecom providers have been providing.

Exigo hosted PBX providers allow our customers to keep their telecom solution in the Cloud, with little or no hardware. All your users need is an Internet connection.   Your only hardware investment is the phone , which can also be your computer or smartphone!

Call us today to learn more about our hosted phone solutions.


Network Communications and Network Enabled Clouds

Connecting your offices to your datacenters and your datacenters to your cloud providers can be a difficult process.  Today, technology gives you fast speeds to IBM, Azure, and AWS through Network Enabled Cloud solutions.

Deploying network-enabled cloud computing will:

Exigo and our partners can develop a hybrid cloud strategy that gives you seamless and secure connectivity to the cloud.  Call us to learn more about our network connectivity solutions.