Virtual Datacenters & Servers

Exigo provides servers in a public, private, and Hybrid environment depending on your needs.  Not every cloud provider is the right solution for your transformation to the cloud.   We provide Design, Configuration, Installation, and Management for the following environments:

Exigo SmartCloud Virtual Data Centers

With a SmartCloud Virtual Data Center there is no need to purchase or maintain complex and expensive server hardware and related equipment. The SmartCloud VDC allows you to self-provision and deploy high-availability Virtual Machines in minutes with a few simple clicks and then easily scale CPU, RAM and disk drive resources up or down as needed.

The SmartCloud VDC supports all popular operating systems and software including Linux, Windows, FreeBSD, Solaris etc.

SmartCloud VDC Virtual Machines offer the same levels of functionality and control as regular dedicated servers with guaranteed hardware power (CPU / RAM) and dedicated disk drive resources.