Louisiana Retirement Agencies Select Exigo to Develop Pension Software


The Louisiana Assessors Retirement Association, Lousiana Clerk of Courts Retirement, and the Louisiana State Police Retirement provide Pension management for 1000’s of retirees. Members all pay into the retirement fund during their employment through contributions. Those contributions are placed into investments funds managed by each agency. Once retired, a member will receive monthly retirement checks with some receiving health benefits through the agency. All of this must be managed with proper financial controls and follow strict state laws protecting retirees.


All three agencies were using outdated DOS based software written in Cobol with little or no integration to third parties such as banks. There were no web interfaces for retirees to access their information and all communications with parish offices were snail mail. The current developer of the software was soon retiring and there were no plans to improve the system.


Exigo was selected to write a new Pension Management System that would utilize modern development tools and make information available 24/7/365 to the employees and members of each agency. The system must also allow for integration into 3rd party solutions such as 1099 processing and have a document management system.

Exigo built a Microsoft SQL database and imported all information from the legacy application. Utilizing Microsoft .NET development language, Exigo developed an N-Tier solution utilizing a database tier, business tier in, and a web based user interface with   The solution was hosted in the Exigo Cloud environment located in Tier 3 datacenters,  providing a reliable and secure infrastructure to operate.


Region: Louisiana

Industry: Government

Type: Application Development

Engagement Model: Fixed cost

Duration: 5-8 Months

Platforms: Microsoft SQL/.NET
Hosted IIS 7